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About us

The inspiration for our store came from traversing the Moraga & 16th St stairways in San Francisco, which, if you're not familiar, are an absolute must see if you make it to the city.   A bit hard to find, they are well worth journeying from the usual tourist areas to find this hidden gem a few blocks south of Golden Gate park.

Each is over a hundred steps of beautifully tiled mosaic with a variety of natural themes, and truly unique, in our experience.  We spent some time thinking on ways we could create a similar experience with a little less trouble and expense than hiring a team of mosaic artists, and developed the concept for RiserArt.

RiserArt are individual PVC panels for each stair, with fabulous designs, created to be super easy to install.  The panels are self adhesive with a special product that adheres perfectly to painted or stained stair risers, wallboard, or any similar material.  The panels can be removed and re-applied or re-positioned without making a sticky mess or losing their adhesive quality.  If you order the correct size for your stairway, each panel will need only minor trimming to fit perfectly.

We are a small company located near San Francisco in the process of developing a whole new way to decorate your house.  We're adding new designs every week, and always on the lookout for interesting artwork.

Our regular stock product is designed to fit the usual sort of stairways found in residential homes, but we can create art to fit any dimension of staircase, so if what you need doesn't fit in to the norm, drop us a line and we'll let you know what we can do for you!