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How To Order

Thanks for visiting our web store!  We hope you are excited by the opportunity to decorate your stairways and bring a bit more artwork into your home.  Here is what you need to know to be able to place an order and get the right product for your home:

Stairways are all different, so you do need to take some careful measurements before you order.  There are 3 numbers that are important, 

1) How wide are your stairs?

2) How many stair risers are there that you can put artwork on? 

3) How tall are the risers in the area where the artwork goes?

Most residential stairways conform to standard rules; typically the stairway is  36" to 42" wide, and there are about 14 to 16 stairs in a normal single story stairwell with an 8 foot ceiling.  Also, most stairways have a 7" to 7-1/2" rise from one tread to another, but in general the tread has an overhang, and the clear area where you can put the artwork is 6-1/2" to 7"                                                                 

First, determine the width of your stairway.  Our standard artwork is made in 3 widths, 37", 40", and 43".  You should order the size that is equal to or larger than your actual stairway width.  If your stairs are 38" wide, order the 40" artwork.

Second, count the number of stair risers.  Our standard artwork come in designs accommodating between 13 and 17 stairs.

Third, make sure your riser height, as shown above, is not more than 7".  All of our standard artwork comes in a 7" height.

If all the above matches your stairway, then you are all set to place your order.   Click Here to go to our catalog!

If you need more, or less, or something entirely different, do not despair!  Email us We can make custom sizes to meet most any situation!