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How To Install

OK, you think this looks like a fabulous addition to your home, but you want to know how difficult it is going to be to install.  Good question!  The answer is, we've come up with a way to make this product that is super easy to install.  The product itself is a tough, durable adhesive vinyl material with a special adhesive that will securely attach to your stair risers, but that can also be removed a day or a year or two later without damaging your stair risers*.  

The adhesive is designed to be used on painted, stained, or bare wood surfaces, and is easily repositionable without getting sticky goo all over everything.  So, if you don't get the artwork down right the first time, you can peel it up and start over without damaging the material or the stairway.  

How to install:

1) If the design you ordered is a full stairway image, the riser artwork will be numbered in the upper right corner.  Put the panels in order, starting with #1 first, which is the bottom of the stairway.  If you have a tile pattern, all the panels are the same.

2)  The panels should be wider than your stairway, so decide which end you are going to cut off.  Be sure you always cut off the same end on each panel!

3) Start at the bottom of the stairs.  Measure the width of each riser as you go.  Some stairways are inconsistent in width, so the width may change as you go up.  Measure carefully, add about 1/4", then cut the panel to that width.

4) Peel off the backing, align the panel with the riser, start in the bottom right or left corner of the riser, and stick the panel on to the riser.   Smooth the panel onto the riser as you go.  If you get bubbles or creases, lift the panel back off, straighten things out, and continue smoothing it on.  When you get to the opposite corner, the panel should be just slightly too long, and will be a little too tall at the top.

5) Smooth and crease the panel on the edge and top where it hangs over a bit, then use the included razor knife to cut down the crease, and peel off the excess.  Voila!  your first panel is in place!  Now just repeat 14 or so more times  :-)

About the product:

The material we use is designed to be re-positionable wall art.  It is extremely durable, and almost impossible to scratch without actually tearing the vinyl backing.  If you save the backing material, the panels can be removed and put back on its backing material, and reinstalled at a later date.  In the unlikely event any of your panels do get damaged, you can order replacements from us at a price of $10 per panel, plus $5 shipping.