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Tulip Trail
Tulip Trail

Tulip Trail

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What is more lovely than a fresh, spring day! "Tulip Trail" from RISERart! leads the way to a brighter, cheerful space, transforming your home, bringing the outdoors indoors with these durable, adhesive backed vinyl decals. No glue, fuss or mess with RISERart!

RISERart! designs are created on an adhesive vinyl product designed to be easy to install and extremely damage resistant. The adhesive material, while strong enough to stay adhered without peeling, is also readily removable without damage to your stairway if you change your mind or want to try a different design :)

RISERart! ships via USPS Priority Mail and arrives in 3-5 days. Free shipping to all US addresses!
Note: Outside of US, we do not pay for customs and duty fees :)

How to Order

How to order RISERart!:
Stairways come in all different widths and number of stairs. We regularly produce the most common sizes, but can custom build a design for most stairways, at no extra cost. All panels are 7" tall, as the clear area on most risers are 6-1/2" to 6-3/4". We send RISERart! panels out 1/2" - 1" larger in both directions to accommodate the variance between stairs. We also include a box cutter for trimming the panels with installation instructions. If your stair risers are taller than 6-3/4", please let us know.

First, measure the width of your stairway. Typical stairways come in 3 widths, 37", 40", and 43". You should order the size that is equal to or larger than your actual stairway width. For example, if your stairs are 38" wide, order the 40" RISERart!

Next, count the number of stair risers. Most stairways range between 13 and 17 stairs, but if you need a different amount, send a custom order request with a picture of your stairway from the view standing at the bottom. You will be charged for the additional risers, but not to place a custom order!

Once done, send us an after pic and enjoy your RISERart!